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May 6, 2019


7 Reasons You Should Get Wood Floors And When To DIY

There are so many different options for flooring out there that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. You can install carpet, tilling, linoleum, and of course wood flooring – hardwood flooring to be exact. Hardwood flooring can be pricey, we won’t deny that, but it also comes with a lot of perks and is well worth what you’re paying for. On top of that, because we like you, we'll even throw in some advice for when you should consider letting a flooring company handle installation vs doing it yourself. So get ready because now, we’re going to outline the 7 reasons why getting hardwood floors is worth it and when you should consider a DIY installation.

1. Wood Flooring Doesn’t Take Much To Maintain

The first point that we will make in favor of hardwood floors is that they are low maintenance. The reason for that being, hardwood is usually sealed with a layer of protective finish that makes it much more difficult for them to stain or scuff.
Speaking of scuffing, hardwood floors can be repaired and refinished if they do scrape, scuffed, dented, or scratched. So even if you so have damage at a particular spot on your flooring (which high-traffic areas are especially prone to) it can always be fixed. Wood flooring has to suffer a lot of damage for them to need to be outright replaced.

2. Wood Floors Are Easy To Clean and Safe

Another reason why you’d want to consider getting wood flooring is that it is very easy to clean and to keep it that way. There’s nowhere for dirt to hide and the laminated surface makes it easy to wipe or clean away any messes that can occur. This means that they are easier to keep sanitized as well. All in all, hardwood is a good choice if you want to make your home safer and healthier.

3. Wood Floors are Durable and Strong

This is somewhat in keeping with the “low maintenance” point from earlier, but wood floors are really strong. Wood possesses natural strength and is dense enough that it can withstand scratches and dents; this toughness the why behind this kind of flooring is hard to damage. If you are in the market for a kind of flooring that can really take a beating, Ipe, hickory, and Brazilian teak, in particular, are good toughing out punishment.

4. Wood Floors Can Last For Ages

Any flooring company worth its salt could tell you this, but hardwood floors actually can last for ages, that is not hyperbole we're spouting in this segment title. Wood flooring is so strong that there isn't much damage that anyone could dish out that could change that fact. Granted, in order to make absolutely sure your hardwood floor can be practically eternal, you would have to redo it's maintenance coat every five years or so, but it's pretty light work to ensure you can have beautiful floors for many, many years.

5. Hardwood Offers Lots of Style and Versatility

Within the category of wood flooring itself, there is a staggering amount of styles to choose from. We're talking hundreds upon hundreds of textures, colors, and types. Even if you decided to get hardwood floors throughout your entire home, there's much more than enough options so that each room could be totally different.
Even if you've already got hardwood floors in your home, you or a flooring company could refinish and stain them in whatever color you want. If you're looking for a kind of flooring that gives you options you really don't have to look any further than wood.

6. Wood Flooring Can Give Your Home a Timeless Feel

Along with the versatility that they offer, wood floors can also be apart of pretty much any design scheme that you can think of, honestly. Hardwood stays lovely and inviting looking no matter how you've got your home decorated and although you probably think we're beating a dead horse here, it's not liable to wear out as badly as some other floor types. In actuality, some kinds of wood flooring look better with some wear. Regardless, of whether you prefer your hardwood pristine or a bit worn, wood floors themselves will never go out of fashion.

7. Hardwood is Eco-Friendly

Hardwood is an environmentally friendly choice due to it coming from a natural and sustainable resource. The longevity means that fewer materials end up being wasted from having to replace it. Adding to that, it helps to insulate your home and can be made of reclaimed or recycled wood. Altogether, It's a great choice if you want to do your part to look after the environment.

DIY vs Flooring Company: Which is the Better Choice?

One last thing we want to say is that depending on the kind of wood floors you want, they can either be pretty easy or quite difficult to install. Engineered wood is pretty easy to install in a weekend DIY job if you're feeling up to it. No need to call in a flooring company to assist with this as they come pre-finished and all you pretty much need to do is glue or nail them down.
Solid hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is much more difficult. This is one job that you may want to call in the flooring company on as it takes much more work and you need to either have very good instructions on hand to follow or really need to know what you're doing.
Typically, you would attach it with a special kind of flooring nailer and then sanded with a drum type floor sander. That latter step is what makes putting down solid hardwood so difficult. The smoothness of the sanding is crucial to the finished product so if you don't think you can handle it, there's no shame in calling your local flooring company to get it done. By no means does this make getting them not worth it, however, as once they are done being installed, you'll have a perfect floor that can last a lifetime.`
Brucke Flooring of Tulsa knows it’s not easy to trust your home to a group of strangers. We appreciate that trust and work hard to keep it intact. At Brucke Flooring and Refinishing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we give every wood flooring job the “White Glove Treatment".

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