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March 3, 2018


50% Of This Baby’s Body Is Burnt And He’s Struggling To Live

Baby Himansh was a little ball of energy. He was active, happy and his laugh resonated throughout the house. Vignan and Hemalatha couldn’t have asked for anything more for their baby. They felt truly blessed. However, 3 days ago, that laughter was silenced. A tragic accident has left 50% of Himansh’s body severely burnt. He’s now in the ICU, unconscious and clinging to life. His face, chest, hands and feet are completely burnt. Baby Himansh is on ventilator support and only further ICU care and medical attention can save his life now.

Himansh was immediately taken to the ICU. His body is in severe shock. He’s being closely monitored due to the seriousness of the condition. If he catches even a small infection, Himansh won’t make it. It’s crucial for him to stay protected from any danger in the ICU. Antibiotics and ventilator support are keeping him alive for now, but Vignan and Hemalatha don’t know how long they can keep him there.

His parents are devastated beyond words to see their once active child lying unconscious in a hospital

Vignan and Hemalatha are devastated. They often find themselves speechless, unable to talk about what they’re going through. Their uncontrollable tears speak for them. Not only are they worried for their only child’s life, but the stress of affording his treatment constantly loom over them like a dark cloud.

They can’t afford to save their only child on a meagre income

How You Can Help
Vignan has already spent 2 lakhs on Himansh’s hospital bills with a little help from his relatives, but it’s not enough. Himansh needs 15 lakhs to stay in the ICU for 4 weeks. He will need multiple dressings for his wounds and continued medication. Their baby can be saved with hospital care, but their poverty is standing in the way of his recovery.

Your support can save baby Himansh’s life.

You can do a bank transfer to the below mentioned account setup for this fundraising campaign:

    Account number: 80808080101031764
    Account name: Vignan Kumar


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